Bass Guitar - Upright Bass - Vocals

Introducing Chas Maguire, bass guitarist from Oxford.

Chas started off “playing” his dad’s acoustic guitar when he was about four (when his dad hadn’t hidden it out of reach of his tiny chocolate-covered fingers), but an instant love of the bass ensured that once he started playing bass guitar Chas has never looked back. Based in Oxford, Chas Maguire is a bass guitarist with 20 years professional experience.

Chas Maguire says:

I certainly enjoy working in music. I love listening to and playing music of all styles and this has led to me working with many fine and varied musicians, mostly in and around Oxford and in London, but also as far afield as the Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Monte Carlo. A broad taste in music is essential when you can be playing smooth jazz one night and grungy doom metal the next! A mixture of functions band work (playing weddings, parties and corporate events) various session work (both playing and producing) and writing and recording my own original material means I’m usually pretty busy, although I’ll always find the time to try something new!

You can hear some of the recordings Chas has been involved with (click here to go to the Music page)

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