Archiving some of the old bands…

Having done a bit of interweb work in my previous life means I’ve ended up responsible for a lot of bands’ websites. In the (slim) likelihood of anyone being slightly interested in seeing them, I’ve archived some of these old websites here.

I’ve only bothered with the original bands, and I fully expect these to be of interest to a very small number of people (mostly members of the relevant bands) but present them here just in case it gives someone a laugh…

Beelzebozo – Slack-stringed sleaze-metal merchants (2005 – 2012 ish)

Mook – The earlier, slightly larger, slightly louder version of Beelzebozo (1997 ish – 2004)

Sneaky – Electronic, little bit dance, little bit funk – about the same time as Mook (1997 – 2003)

(The amount of unnecessary detail that went into the Beelzebozo website is staggering… shame I don’t have Flash installed on my computer anymore, otherwise I’d get the banner animations running again!)


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