Beelzebozo return – but not for long.

Most recently one of my old bands have got together to rehearse for a one-off gig on Saturday 5th September. We’ve been Beelzebozo for quite some time now but we stopped gigging a few years ago, tried to find a new member when our singer left, floundered about for some time before deciding to stop altogether and start something new. Within days of making that decision we’d been asked to reform for a gig with another Oxford band who’ve got back together for a one-off: Black Candy will also be playing and lending the event a little more class. We used to gig with these guys a lot years ago, so it will be good to relive the old days one more time.
The gig will be at the site of most of Beelzebozo’s gigs – the Wheatsheaf in Oxford. Tickets are officially sold out, but if you know me personally give me a shout; I may be able to lay hands on one or two…


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