A few recordings from bands Chas Maguire is working with.

Space Elevator

I wasn’t involved with the first Space Elevator album (the legendary Neil Murray was on bass for them originally) but I’ve been part of the band for a while now and we’ve just released our second album. We completed a solo UK tour in the summer of 2018 and have a few more dates left in 2019. A European tour is in the pipeline for 2020.

Blake Shake

Saxophone led funk from Nicholas Blake – great musicians, great fun! First album available now on Bandcamp, hopefully some more live dates soon.

The Missing Persians

When I first joined them they had about 10 songs and approached me because their double bassist (who also writes most of the material) was finding it difficult to play bass and acoustic guitar while also singing the main vocal. The band was described to me as Americana/Blues, but although some of the songs have that feel, there is a bit more going on there. I think of ourselves as a rock band with an acoustic guitar, mandolin, and occasionally an upright bass playing melodic pop songs which may (or may not) be about what they appear to be about. Hey, genres are only really useful in record shops and we know what happened to them…

We’ve now recorded two albums (see below) and we start recording our third in a couple of weeks…


This project was my first experience of being at the controls of a digital workstation (DAW), and by the time we’d finished this album, the band had pretty much disintegrated, but Sneaky taught me a great deal about how to operate the studio. Despite the flaws I’m still proud of the music (I think some of these songs are absolute crackers)…


These are effectively demos of what would have been on the Mean Business album if it had ever got finished. In what is the longest running group of musicians I’ve worked with, while also being the slowest to produce any actual output, Beelzebozo are still working on songs, which will be appearing here “soon” (although we’ve ditched all of the ‘Bozo stuff, have turned into a three-piece and are now called We Are Puppets.) We keep saying there’s a book in the story of why nothing ever appears, but who’s going to write it? (Not us, that’s certain)


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