June 10, 2015 | Posted in: Bands, Recording

It seems to be the season for recording projects! The Toneheadz jazz fusion band are also about to start recording – rehearsals are tricky as we all live a fair distance from each other and are all quite busy, but we are planning a recording session in the near future. We’ve done some recordings of rehearsals and we’re enjoying how it’s all sounding so far, we’re just trying to book rehearsal and studio time that fits in with our schedules – always a tricky prospect even when there’s only three of you to think about!

We plan to get about 4 or 5 songs down to show a bit of variety in what we do, the idea being to get something quickly so we can start getting some gigs. We’ll be playing a mixture of covers and original material and are just starting to write more songs as a band.

The band are the rhythm section of Lost in Music – one of the function bands I regularly work with, and we’ve found we work well together which is how the idea of becoming a band of our own right came about. It’s going to be fun to write and record with this band!

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