We Are Puppets

This is really new (we’ve only had the name “We Are Puppets” for a couple of weeks) while also being quite old. It takes over where Beelzebozo left off, seeing as it’s three of the ‘Bozos recording a similar noise but utilizing more technology. Writing in the studio at the moment – once we have a set together we’ll learn how to recreate it live(!)

Puppets - track progress

It’s a very different way of writing for us, as previously we’ve jammed in the rehearsal room and songs have formed organically and (usually) quite quickly, while Mike (our previous singer) used to improvise lyrics and melody over the top. This sometimes meant we’d be gigging songs before he’d have a chance to actually write any lyrics, but who listens to them anyway, eh?

Now, all three of us are recording ideas in Cubase, then bringing them together to work on collectively. It’s got a sound familiar to anyone who heard Beelzebozo (both of our audience should certainly recognise the vibe) but with some new elements which we find quite exciting. Hoping to start gigging soon…




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