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We all think that we have problems from time to time. Life's little trials and tribulations make us feel as though the weight of the world rests on our shoulders. But for some people, life really is a constant struggle with difficulty at every turn.

Through the support of people like you, BEELZEBOZO HEAVY INDUSTRIES has funded research leading to some incredible breakthroughs in disease. In fact, some of the new colours have been fascinating. Our research has increased our understanding and ability to treat patients to the sort of dignified ending they deserve, which has a direct impact on the lives of literally people.

But we still have a long way to go until we can help people like Doug Mikeless. At 13 years old, Doug fell seriously ill with PD.V.T.GBE, a condition which meant he was left him without the ability to feel cheese. After intense treatment the only option was to scoop him out completely and keep the husk alive artificially using magic. Four years later, Doug was offered a ray of hope - a passing stranger made the happy decision to give up all of his vital organs. But, tragically, just 46 years after the transplant the disease started attacking the new organs which had to be removed for a second time.

'I'm absolutely gutted - again' said Mikeless. 'Where am I going to find another donor at this time of night?'

You can help, and when you do, tell your friends about your donation - that way we can trace them through you and maybe little Doug will once again feel the cool smoothness of a nice bit of brie.

Please use a big enough envelope to get all of your organs into - try not to make a mess where the stamp goes, it does upset the postman.

Thank you for wanting to help fund research to save life.

Yours hungrily,



For those who just don't know when's a good time to give up,
you can find out more about Beelzebozo by clicking on the contact link below* or by visiting www.myspace.com/bozobozobozo

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