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A little light refreshment before the slaughter begins
You hum it son, I'll play it

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I know that my redeemer liveth

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Little is known about Dave's history except that his name is Dave, and he likes to drink. He doesn't speak often, preferring to communicate through his own language which consists of him throwing rocks at people until they leave him alone. (Tip: if you ever see a large angry-looking man hefting a rock in a menacingly purposeful manner, please refrain from asking him for his autograph, this is only likely to cause pain.)

Interestingly his middle name is 'Not ever, you slag. Now shuddit!'

He has a pile of fluff that he likes to stroke in times of stress and he has a pet spider called Terry.


Born Once - never again
Phobias Loud music, cheese
Qualifications Once met Keith Chegwin
Interests Outrests


Go back to Douglas Michaelson's profile There is no next. Now piss off.

To assemble, insert plant C into construction S. Roll tightly and moisten. Twist and ignite, retiring to safe area.
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