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When Douglas heard that the Beelzebozo Corporation needed a Regional Creative Orchestrator he literally jumped at the chance. 'Orchestrating regions of creativity is what I was born to do' he said shortly after being born.

Born some years earlier than Mike, but definitely later than Doug, Douglas had a very sheltered upbringing, spending his childhood living under a sheet of corrugated iron in Doug's garden. Curiously enough, neither of them knew of the existence of the other and each would later be amazed to hear how close they lived. Even more astounding was the fact that they shared the same middle name (Magnesium).

After assuming the identity of his first customer, Douglas used this pseudonym to enrol into the Beelzebozo College of Extreme Education and showed an almost instinctive grasp of all subjects, achieving an all-time high score of 1-0 (after penalties).

Douglas likes to keep various breeds of fish in a box under his desk to experiment on in gruesome ways, he also collects "Hello Kitty' novelty goods which he likes to stuff up the anus of troublesome customers. His favourite colour is 7.

Douglas Michaelson

Born X-Day
Piercings Many and various
Qualifications Can read without moving lips - likes curry
Interests The life and works of Tony Blackburn


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