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Back to 'Meet The Team' The user Doug Mikeless has left the game. As a mark of respect, all of his pornography is being donated to feed homeless donkeys.

As Human Applications Technician for the Beelzebozo Corporation, Doug Mikeless finds himself responsible for all the technical details concerned with the business of applying humans.

A native of Floncester, Doug grew up in the shadow of Beelzebozo's top secret underground complex and always knew he'd eventually become part of the biggest corporation of all time.

Once he'd crawled out from under the massive underground building where he'd completed his primary and secondary education, Doug went off to study at the recently formed Bozo University, also in Floncester.

Despite never attending any lectures or handing in any coursework, Doug managed to graduate from Bozo University with the highest possible grade ever achieved anywhere for anything ever for all eleven of his degree courses. A feat he attributes to a combination of intense self-belief coupled with a perfect understanding of powerful mind-control techniques. Interestingly he also says that he chose the courses he took by throwing darts at the Bozo University prospectus. Which is quite possibly bollocks.

After graduation Doug had the world at his feet, or more specifically, Beelzebozo's secret underground high security project management complex, which he had no option but to join immediately. (Incidently, there has never been any suggestion that Doug's links with the Beelzebozo corporation had anything to do with his high exam results.)

In his free time Doug likes to make small scale replicas of the nerve pathways of the human brain out of pipecleaners and spam. Also he has recently taken up torturing endangered animals, but he does this purely to unwind and doesn't see it as a future career.

Doug Mikeless

Born Yes
Marital Status Quo
Qualifications PhD, PsyD, MA, BA, BSc, MEng, BCL, MSci, MBiochem, MMath, MUniv
Interests Melons. You heard me


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