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Dynamically directing the indentity of a large evil corporation takes a lot out of you, but Mike says he finds it massively rewarding.

Born some years later than Doug, fate would nevertheless have it that these two grew up next to each other in the same nourishment unit and when they eventually discovered they shared the same middle name (Magnesium) they soon became firm colleagues.

Mike knew long ago that he would be destined for greatness, so decided not to bother attending school in the traditional sense, prefering to gain what knowledge he needed from the street. This proved more than enough to attract the attention of the head hunters at the Beelzebozo Corporation who decided that Mike and his special interests were just what the company needed to inject a little 'spazaz' into its identity.

If he looks familiar to you it maybe that you recognise him from his record-breaking antics!
He famously piloted the first ever dance-powered plane across the Atlantic, and has grown the world's largest collection of persecuted minions. In his spare time Mike enjoys cold midsummer evenings and violence.

Doug Mikeless

Born I dunno, whenever
Genital Group Comedy
Qualifications Bronze Swimming Badge (partial credit), Milk Float Licence
Interests 'I love to wander in the sun, and spy her with no panties on.'


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